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Rabu, 07 April 2010


            An X-ray is a spectrum of light. When is it radiated through one body, it can be used for detecting his or her internal body organs. The X-ray was invented by a german scientist, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. Despite the fact that X-ray can detect cancer, cysts, and tumors, there are many conflicting opinions about the use of X-rays in the hospital.
            Some people agree that an X-ray examination is beneficial. They argue that doctor should use an X-ray examinationin examining a severe illness. If doctores do not use the X-ray, they could miss some important information wich very useful in making a diagnosis on a patient’s disease. This will sometimes cause a doctor to be inaccurate in prescribing medicine to cure an illness.
            Other people, however, disagree with the use of X-ray examination. They think that using an X-ray examination will lost them a lot of money. Tah is really true. Another reason is that the radiation of X-ray has some risk to body tissues.
            As a result of this controversy, many people use traditional health cure to avoid the high cost of hospital still insist on having X-ray examination on patients to get an accurate diagnosis although the cost is very high.

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